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Welcome to NeuroStudio Get to know us, we are an agency more than creative

We only have 5 to 7 seconds to captivate and get the attention of those who visit us. Make your site so attractive that they want to stay


We have a programmers team determined to change the world.

Responsive Sites

Our designs adapt to any screen size, from a cell phone or a PC.


Everything comes in sight, that's why we have professional photographers for each project.


A work team focused on exceeding your expectations with innovative trends.

Connect with the consumer through emotions Neuromarketing on your website

Although we are all different, our brain works the same, it activates and makes decisions in the same way. Our knowledge in Neurosciences applied to your website allows us to capture the interest of the visitor and take them to perform an action.

emociones neurostudio

Emotions on the web Can I create emotions in my clients?

The customer not only takes into account the price or the product we offer, but also how he feels with the brand or the product, the emotions have a very positive impact on our customers and greatly influence when making a purchase decision . Are you interested in creating a website that catches your customers?

We create emotions

EEG Neurostudio

Neuro Web Design Technology How do we measure the results?

With an electroencephalogram and special software, I can know what my client feels when browsing my website, this allows us to optimize each website according to the needs and always achieve a pleasant experience in my visitors.

We feel

eye tracking Neurostudio

Eye tracking Is my website easy and understandable for my clients?

One of the biggest mistakes made when designing a website, and the reason for the majority of abandonments on a site, is not to put ourselves in the client's place.
We cannot design a website from the perspective of a designer, we must do it from the perspective of our client, understand what he wants to see and how he would like to make him feel safe and confident while browsing.
With EyeTracking technology we can analyze the usability of our website in our users thanks to a high-tech laboratory, and thus be sure to delight our visitors.

Let's take a look

The best way to be successful Are you ready to achieve success with us?

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Our great team

Our work team includes several fields in technology, marketing and business, we are committed to each client to take our work beyond. Motivated to be the best company in the field, we work every day in a better way, since one of the most important reasons is our happiness and the people around us.

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Pablo ChinchillaCEO - Cofunder
Neurostudio Team
Kathia ArroyoMarketing- Cofunder
Alfonso JimenezGraphic Designer
neurostudio team
Jean Pierre CastilloWeb Designer
neurostudio team

Define your objetive 1 Select your target 2 Apply Neuromarketing 3 Create your website 4 Apply analytics 5 Conquer the world ...

The difference between a web site and a Neuro web Site It is the difference between opening a clothing store in your home, or opening it in a big Mall.


We connect your brand with your customers

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Who visits your website? Web Analytics

Once you have your website, it is necessary to know who, how, where, age, gender, tastes, most visited sites, and other characteristics of your visits, in order to create better marketing strategies and be able to position yourself better in search engines . We achieve this with web analytics, for which we have tools from large companies such as Google and Facebook Analytics.

Learn more about web analytics
analítica neurostudio
SEO neurostudio

Being in the first places in the search engines SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When we have a website we must worry about being in the top places of the web search engines, this entails having design, programming and analysis strategies to monitor our site at all times. Through SEO and SEM positioning systems we quickly improve the appearance and position of your website in large search engines.
We not only design websites, we create successful websites.

We make them find you

Being on the internet because ... This happens every minute on the internet

Millions of searches
Thousands of photos uploaded to Facebook
Millions of messages by WhatsApp
Thousands of emails sent
Neurostudio fondo

Do you have any idea what you lose without a website?

Thousands of physical stores in the world close to make way for online stores

Start yours now

Our blog News, tutorials, etc.

image blog
error al diseñar Pablo Chinchilla August. 14 2018

The main web design error

The biggest design error is not in the code, whether or not it uses templates, or at the level of security, many worry about issues that remain in the background.

image blog
photo blog Pablo Chinchilla August. 20 2018

Emotions on a website

Beyond a product, price or benefit, we realized that people also buy for how they feel with a brand or product, if we make our customers feel pleasure when buying us we are creating a very strong bond, this is more important than the price.

Blog Kathia Arroyo
photo blog Kathia Arroyo August. 14 2018

What they think of your Product

The feedback spaces with your clients within your digital strategy are one of the main links to fulfill your marketing objectives.

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